A 4-point plan for managing information better…

There’s no hiding from the fact that each and everyone one of us is overloaded with information. The sheer amount of available information can be crippling, and can severely impact upon not only our productivity levels but our health levels too. An obvious way to try and combat information overload is to simply restrict the… Read More »

The importance of Intrapreneurship…

Let’s get something clear right from the onset – Intrapreneurship is nothing new. It’s been around for a fair few years, but for the most part it’s been lurking around behind the scenes, going relatively unnoticed by those in the positions of power. Even if leaders were aware of the goings-on of intrapreneurs, they would simply… Read More »

Will we all be our own boss in the future?

The days of bagging a gold watch as a result of working for the same company for 25 years look well and truly over. It’s not that companies are cutting down on the dishing out of watches, it’s more that people are now moving away from traditional ways of working, and so perceived job security… Read More »

Information overload… Infobesity… Infoxication – whatever you want to call it, there is no doubt that the Internet is now chock full with information

Don’t believe me? Let’s take a look at some stats. Every 60 seconds… That’s a lot of stuff happening! Now, just take a second and think about the amount of information that you consume in a day: news stories, e-mails, blog posts, Facebook statuses, Tweets, Tumblr posts, and much more besides. Now think about how much of this… Read More »